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August 16th, 2014, 04:52 PM
Full time Dragons defeat Raiders 34-16.

August 16th, 2014, 04:51 PM
Video ref Dragons, checking grounding. Nightingale dives over and scores in the corner. The hoodoo is over. Widdop misses the conversion. Dragons 34-16 in the last min

August 16th, 2014, 04:46 PM
Video ref Dragons, ref thinks no try, checking grounding. Morris dives into the corner and appears to have grounded it. Try awarded. If there is a hoodoo it better do something bloody quick! Widdop converts. Dragons 30-16 with 4 mins left

August 16th, 2014, 04:42 PM
Video ref Dragons, ref says no try, checking grounding. Dugan knocks on and goes out while trying to score. No try ruled. 8 mins left.

August 16th, 2014, 04:31 PM
Dragons score. Nightingale takes a chip kick from Marshal and gets the try out on the wing. Widdop converts. Dragons 24-16 with 18 mins left.