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Who wants to play NRL Monopoly?

July 29th, 2014, 09:57 PM
NRL Monopoly

Did you miss the fun last night on Twitter? A typical tweet from @BoringNRLGuy about a game like "monopoly" got the ball rolling and before long, an avalanche of #NRLMonopoly tweets swept down upon us.(blockquote)I've got a great idea for a rugby league board game, it's like Monopoly and you have to yell out "Get em onside" every time you roll the dice.

Boring NRL Guy (@BoringNRLguy) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)

We've picked out a few of the best ones but if you've got time, we suggest you check out the rest!(blockquote)You are homesick, go to Brisbane and collect $600k.#NRLmonopoly

Former Legend (@Former_legend) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)(blockquote)You've been approached for an interview. You respond 'can't i just enjoy a good game of monopoly'. Wait for Wayne's next move #NRLMonopoly

Mitch (@mitchefc17) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)(blockquote)Be Ricky Stuart, go directly to the wooden spoon. Do not collect any players on your way.#nrlmonopoly

Benny Roberts (@BennyDTD) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)(blockquote)"A photo appears of you doing The Bubbler - miss half a season"#NRLmonopoly

Former Legend (@Former_legend) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)(blockquote)You have scored untouched under the sticks. Roll the dice to determine if it's awarded or not #nrlmonopoly

Andrew (@Chitti_83) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)(blockquote)Your name is Jared Waerea-Hargreaves.Go directly to sin-bin. #NRLMonopoly

Chris Chard (@Vic_Arious) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)(blockquote)You have signed for the Melbourne Storm in 2006, collect a brown paper bag.And a boat#nrlmonopoly

Rob Sheeley (@robshots) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)(blockquote)Matt Johns is hearing you've passed go and will collect $100. Don't pass go, don't collect $100.#NRLMonopoly

Mitch (@mitchefc17) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)(blockquote)You are involved in an illegal tackle in an Origin match. Leave the field at full time, collect a Get Out Of Jail Free card.#nrlmonopoly

Shunter (@Shunter86) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)(blockquote)You allegedly oversee a controversial sports-science program during your time as head coach. Miss 26 turns. #NRLmonopoly

Chris Chard (@Vic_Arious) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)(blockquote)You play for the Broncos. Please cancel all plans you have for Friday night for the next 5 years. #NRLmonopoly

James Smith (@JamesSmith1001) July 29, 2014(/blockquote)

Got any of your own #NRLMonopoly ideas? Leave them in the comments below!